We help RV Service Providers reach their ideal clients online.

Local Search Marketing

Your ability to be found on search is pivotal to your success and growth as an RV Service Provider. Whether you are a shop or mobile tech search is where customers in need are going to find the answers to a stubborn RV electrical issue or for help getting them off the side of the road. 

Instead of a road sign,  phonebook, or great location on the main street of a town businesses now rely on the convenience and low cost of being found via search engines. If you are not one of the first 5 results in your local area, we can almost guarantee that your marketing and sales process is not up to it’s full potential. 

At RV Copilot our goal is to get your business to the top of Google in you local market while providing a cost effective and flexible way to do so. If you’re done paying too much for leads, dealing with low quality leads, or not being able to follow up with your leads we need to talk. RV Copilot is here to change the way you get new business with qualified leads delivered right to your doorstep, cellphone or email inbox. By the way, we are your exclusive partner in an area, meaning we don’t give lead info to the other 4 shops in the area and watch you all race to the bottom on price. Our leads are exclusive to you.


Custom Built CRM?

Our custom built CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows your team to provide consistent, automated, and meaningful follow up to your leads and customers. We customize outreach and follow-up via email and text specifically for your business.  This solution allows your team to do more with less and delight your customers along the way. Plus we integrate with many platforms including: Facebook and Google Ads, GMB, QuickBooks, Stripe, Zapier, Twilio VoIP and SMS, RVT and RV Trader, and many more, just ask!  

Email and Text Message Marketing

With our CRM system, email and text message marketing is automated and customized specifically for your business practices and individual customer needs. The power of an email and SMS list is still very relevant and effective in 2020 and beyond. With our CRM Email and SMS is easy, automated and gets the low cost results that you’re looking for.

Google and Bing Pay-Per-Click 

The key to quick wins in your marketing plan is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Leveraging PPC properly grows your reach and allows your message to get out in front of people who are searching for RV repair in your local area.

Facebook and Social Ads

You’ve already heard that the next big thing in marketing is social media channels. Nearly every demographic of RV buyers and those needing service are on social media now. Done right, social media marketing can drive the most relevant traffic to your website, get you more targeted leads and get buyers picking up the phone where you can make more sales.

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